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3G Closure

Heads-up, Singapore!

As of 31 July 2024, all mobile operators in Singapore, including ZYM Mobile, will be saying goodbye to 3G services. This means voice calls, SMS, and mobile data won't be available on 3G in Singapore soon.

Here's what you need to do:

👉 If you're still using a 3G phone, it's time for an upgrade to enjoy continued voice, SMS, and/or mobile data with ZYM Mobile.
👉 If you are on some 4G phones that do not support VoLTE, you too will no longer be able to use the phone for voice calls, although you can still use SMS and mobile data.

Check if you are on a 4G/5G VoLTE handset here

Since 2005, 3G has connected countless calls and messages in Singapore.

However, as technology evolves, so do our needs. To provide you with the best possible experience, we'll be transitioning away from 3G and focusing on delivering superior speeds and coverage with 4G and 5G.

Look for a 3G network bar or 'H+' icon that is always visible in the top-right corner of your mobile phone screen. If so, your device is likely to be a 3G phone only.

Go to ‘Settings’ > Click ‘Connections’ > Click ‘Mobile networks’ > Click on ‘enable VoLTE’.

If your 4G phone supports VoLTE, you will see it as an option. If there isn’t a VoLTE option, you are most likely on a phone that does not support VoLTE.

Yes, you are right.

With the removal of 3G, ZYM Mobile is currently working with our service provider to bring about VoLTE to you. You are likely to have this free service before 31 Jul 2024.

VoLTE provides high-quality voice calls, faster call setup times, multi-tasking capabilities, better coverage, and enhanced features.

Ever wonder why your internet seems sluggish at times? One reason might be your connection type. Here's how 3G differs from 4G/5G networks and how it can impact your mobile experience:

Think of speed as how fast your data travels. 3G is like a slow jog, while 4G/5G is like sprinting. This means downloading, streaming, and browsing happen much faster on newer networks.

Imagine bandwidth as a highway. 3G has a narrow lane, limiting the amount of information flowing at once. 4G/5G offer wider highways, allowing for more devices and traffic without congestion.

This refers to the delay between sending and receiving data. Think of it as the reaction time. 3G has higher latency, causing a slight lag, while 4G/5G offer near-instantaneous responses, making calls and online gaming feel more seamless.

Security: Both offer strong encryption, but 4G/5G utilize more advanced protocols for enhanced protection against cyber threats.

Overall, upgrading to 4G/5G unlocks a significantly faster, smoother, and more reliable mobile experience. You'll enjoy quicker downloads, flawless streaming, and lag-free communication.

You will need a 4G-compatible device or mobile phone that supports VoLTE. For example, iPhone 6S and above. You may wish to check with your phone manufacturer for its specification.

We do recommend that you get a 5G-compatible device or mobile phone to enjoy the full benefits of 5G.

You will not be able to make or receive voice calls. There will be no service impact to SMS or data surfing.

ZYM Mobile is constantly updating the promotional deals on the latest 4G/5G mobile devices.

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The discontinuation of 3G services in Singapore will not affect outbound roamers, since overseas networks are dependent on the destination country.

Whether in Singapore or overseas, we encourage you to upgrade to 4G/5G phone models to enjoy clear voice calls and faster access to a wide range of lifestyle applications.
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