Service Agreement

Customer Acknowledgement & Agreement

  1. I acknowledge that I have read and understood ZYM Mobile’s following terms and conditions for the above Service and hereby agree to subscribe for the Service. Such terms and conditions shall apply upon ZYM Mobile’s (“ZYM Mobile“) acceptance of my application:
    • Specific Terms and Conditions;
    • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP);
    • General Terms and Conditions of Services;
    • Terms and conditions of applicable promotion (if any); and
    • Any other applicable terms.
  2. The aforesaid terms and conditions are available at . I acknowledge that I have seen, read and understood and do hereby accept the aforesaid terms and conditions.
  3. I understand that the minimum subscription period of ZYM Mobile services without a contract is 2 months.
  4. I agree to pay for the applicable cancellation charges equivalent to the minimum subscription period if I cancel my approved application for the Service within first 2 months after I activated ZYM Mobile’s SIM card.
  5. I agree that ZYM Mobile shall be entitled to use or disclose my Personal Data for the purposes as set out in ZYM Mobile’s Data Protection Policy.
  6. I consent to phone, text, or email communications, and I understand that I can customize my preferences later using the service app or customer service.
  7. I confirm that all information given by me in connection with this application is true and correct.
  8. If I am transferring the service from another mobile service provider to ZYM Mobile (“Port-In”), for the purposes of the Port-In, I consent to the release of all information, including my Personal Data, to the relevant service provider(s).
  9. I acknowledge that I will continue to be responsible for any continuing obligations with my existing mobile service provider until the existing mobile service provider’s agreement is terminated. This includes any issue(s) arising from my request to Port-In, resolving all outstanding charges, and any applicable termination fee.
  10. I agree that ZYM Mobile is not responsible for any delays in my porting service that is due to providing of inaccurate personal information and/or a system delay on ZYM Mobile’s end lasting less than 5 working days.
  11. I agree that my contract for the Service shall be effective from when my SIM card is activated, pending Port-In into the Service.
  12. I agree that whilst ZYM Mobile will use its reasonable endeavours, ZYM Mobile shall not be responsible or liable for any inconvenience, losses or damages I may incur or sustain arising from any delay or failure of my mobile number Port-In.
  13. I acknowledge on the pay-per-use Roaming Calls & SMS charges stated
    in .
  14. I acknowledge and agree that I am not allowed to transfer my rights and/or obligations hereunder.
  15. All charges are subject to change in accordance with the prevailing GST rate.
  16. ZYM Mobile reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Should there be any dispute, the decision of ZYM Mobile shall be final.

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