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Bill invoice related

During your first sign up, you will be charged on the current month's prorate and second month payment. Subsequently, you may expect to receive your bill invoice by the 5th day of third month, and the due date is on the 10th of every month.

Here's an example after you've activated your SIM, say on 8 Oct 2023.
👉 You pay the partial bill for 8 - 31 Oct, and Nov full month.
👉 You shall receive a bill invoice by 5 Nov 2023 with an outstanding balance of $0 (Because you've paid for the month of Nov upfront already)
👉 Your next bill invoice shall be by 5 Dec 2023 for the Dec month.

Please note that the scenario above applies in the situation where you haven't purchased any add-on plans or used other services like roaming calls, etc.

You may locate your past invoices in your registered email.

Bill invoices also available for download in ZYM Mobile App. Go to "My Bill" to locate the latest invovices

Under rare circumstances, if you are not receiving your bill invoices in both your registered email / ZYM Mobile App, do reach out to ZYM to request for a copy.

Before you do that, please check out the registered email's spam inbox.

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By the 5th of every month, you should expect to receive your bill invoice for the month.

If you've saved a Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card in the ZYM Mobile app, your bill will be automatically deducted in full outstanding amount on the 10th of each month.

Don't worry if the deduction fails on the 10th. Our system will automatically try to deduct the payment for the next 3 billing cycles:
✅ 17th of the same month
✅ 25th of the same month
✅ 6th / 7th of the following month

However, if we fails to deduct your bill on all 4th attempts, your account shall be suspended, and eventually be terminated.

A friendly reminder
We'll send you a friendly reminder SMS to your mobile number each time an automatic deduction attempt fails.

There are 2 possible reasons:

Expired Card
It's possible the saved card has expired and needs to be updated.

Payment System Issue
Occasionally, technical glitches can interrupt the auto-payment process. Do contact ZYM Cuscare for assistance.

Be sure to pay attention to the reminder SMS you receive if a payment fails. This will help you avoid service interruptions and act accordingly to prevent service disruptions.

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Unfortunately, we do not accept Amex card. Please use Visa and Mastercard instead for all bill payments.

👉 If you wish to pay your bill via cash
Simply visit any of our reseller outlets to do so.

Yes, we accept PAYNOW.

Following the payment steps carefully ensures your payment is processed smoothly. This helps us accurately track your account and avoid any confusion.

👉 Step 1: PAYNOW to handphoneshop - UEN: 200403899K
You MUST put your ZYM mobile number under the remark section.

👉 Step 2: Provide your payment screenshot
Contact ZYM Cuscare @ WhatsApp 80404040 and forward us the payment screenshot.

A friendly reminder
You must ensure you've completed the 2 steps. Once your payment is verified, it will be reflected in our system within 2 business days. However, please be aware that ZYM cannot be held responsible for any service suspensions or terminations that may occur during the PAYNOW verification period.

To avoid any service interruptions, we recommend completing and sharing your payment proof immediately after you've paid your bill via PAYNOW.

This is rare, but it happens.

Reach out to ZYM Cuscare, and we'll help you to resolve this issue.

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By the 5th of every month, you should expect to receive your bill invoice for the month and the due date is on 10th of the month.

If you fail to settle the bill payment, we'll send you a friendly reminder SMS to your mobile number on the 10th, 17th and 25th of same month and 6th / 7th on following month. Failure to settle the payment shall resulted in having your account suspended, and eventually be terminated.

It's simple as pie! Simply:

Go the ZYM Mobile app > My Bill
Add / update a new credit / debit card

Please be aware that we only presently support Mastercard/Visa Debit, Credit, and Virtual Credit Cards. (Amex is not accepted)

If you are unable to interpret how the billing works in your bill invoice, simply reach out to ZYM Customer care for further assistance.

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For clarification, you can contact ZYM Customer Care.

While investigating your dispute may take a couple of days, be assured that ZYM Mobile does not charge you any unintended services. If your dispute is found valid, you will receive a full refund.

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