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Data Rollover

All unused base data in any ZYM mobile plan is eligible to be rolled over to the following 1-month.

For instance, if you have subscribed to the Max 4G plan in February 2023, which includes a base data allowance of 70GB plus an additional 50GB of local data as a bonus.

By end of February 2023, you have only utilized the 50GB bonus data, leaving you with an unused 70GB base data, that base data will roll over to March 2023.

This means that in March 2023, you will have a total of 70GB of base data, 70GB rollover data plus the 50GB bonus data. It's a whopping 190GB data in total!

✅ Ultra 5G comes with a 70GB base + Bonus 60GB local data.
✅ Pro 5G comes with a 30GB base + Bonus 70GB local data.
✅ Max 4G comes with a 70GB base + Bonus 50GB local data.
✅ Value 4G comes with a 30GB base + Bonus 60GB local data.
✅ Starter 4G comes with a 9GB base + Bonus 11GB.

All unused base data is rollable to next 1-month.

Unfortunately, it seems that the ability to rollover talktime and SMS is not currently available. However, it's great to hear that you will inform your customers when this feature becomes available