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Get SIM via Courier

As this is a courier service, you may expect to get it on your selected date (Between 9AM - 9PM).

A friendly reminder
Due to security reason, you must activate the SIM card within 14 days from date of order. (That includes the time required to send the SIM card to you)

We understand that missed deliveries can be frustrating.

If your SIM card hasn't arrived yet on the date you have chosen, no worries! Just reach out to our friendly ZYM customer care team.

We'll get to the bottom of it and, if needed, gladly arrange another convenient drop-off for you for free if the delay is due to ZYM's fault.

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Yes, you may.

As part of our security measures, activation must be done by the person who ordered the SIM card. This keeps everything safe and sound, even if someone else collects it for you.

Once you've received your SIM card, you have 14 days to activate it before it goes expire. To activate a SIM card, you must first download ZYM Mobile app from Playstore or Appstore.

Refer to the self activation guide here

For existing subscribers, please log out your ZYM mobile app to go to the App Login page to start activate your SIM card. To log out > Go to profile (blue color) located at top of the app's homepage > Swipe down to the bottom, and choose Log out.

Bingo! You have successfully activated the SIM card. At this point of time, you should receive an email on your Service Agreement.

If you are facing difficulties activating the SIM card, Whatsapp ZYM Customer Care @ 80404040 for assistance.

There are several common reasons why you fail to activate the SIM card.

SIM card has expired
For security purpose, each SIM order must be activated within 14 days of order.

Mismatch of order details
It's important that the details on your SIM order match your current information. If anything has changed, you won't be able to activate the SIM card.

Faulty SIM
Rarely, but it happens. The SIM card you've mailed you are not in good working condition.

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Yes. As part of security measurement, each SIM order must be activated within 14 days.

Failure to do so, the SIM card will no longer be valid for activation

We are working hard to make this happen. Stay tune...

The ability to modify personal information or delivery address depends on the status of your SIM card order. If you notify us of any changes on the same day you placed the order, we can update your information free of charge.

However, once the order has been processed beyond that day, any changes to personal information or delivery address will no longer be possible.

You will be responsible for reordering the SIM card through the ZYM website ( and paying any applicable fees. Refunds will not be issued for previous orders due to the order being already processed.

We recommend selecting the self-collection option when reordering the SIM card to avoid additional delivery charges.

Oh dear, if you've had a change of heart about your ZYM SIM order, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer care team.

We're always here to help, but please be aware that if you chose the SIM delivery option, whether it's the mailbox drop or doorstep delivery, refunds will not be possible as your order has already been processed.

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