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About GST 2023

The Singapore Government has announced that the GST rate will be increased from:

• 7% to 8%, with effect from 1 Jan 2023; and
• 8% to 9%, with effect from 1 Jan 2024

Invoices dated before 1 Jan 2023 shall be subjected to the usual GST rate of 7%
Invoices billed on and after 1 Jan 2023 shall be subjected to GST rate of 8%.

Please take note that all ZYM Mobile monthly subscription fees as well as local addon plans will see a modest rise as a result of Singapore's GST increase from January 2023.

IDD and roaming add-on plans, for example, are unaffected by this change.

Your invoice will show a small adjustment starting in January 2023 as a result of Singapore's modification to its GST rate. The actual amount you would anticipate for your subscription plan is seen here.

👉 Starter 4G from $9.9 to $10
👉 Value 4G from $18 to $18.20
👉 Max 4G from $28 to $28.30
👉 Pro 5G from $28 to $28.20
👉 Ultra 5G from $38 to $38.30
👉 Combo 4G from $18 to $18.20
👉 Combo 5G from $28 to $28.20
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