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About Local data

To subscribe to a ZYM Mobile add-on

👉 You need an active ZYM mobile plan.
👉 Login to the ZYM Mobile App and navigate to the "Add-on" or "Plan" section to browse and purchase available add-ons.

Here are some popular local add-ons
✅ Caller ID Display (Monthly)
✅ Monthly 80GB local data
✅ Monthly 10GB local data
✅ 5GB local data for 30 days
✅ 1GB local data for 30 days

For the full list of exact add-on options, promotion or pricing, simply log in to the app to check it out!

Before contacting ZYM Customer care, let's try some basic troubleshooting steps that might resolve the issue.

👉 Is your Mobile data setting was turn on?
👉 Did you accidentally turn on the Airplane Mode?
👉 Is your APN setting was set correctly?
👉 Try to restart your device?
👉 Did you use up all your data?

To turn on/off mobile data
✅ Android Device - Open your Settings app > Network & internet or Connections. Depending on your device, these options may be different. Check if the Mobile Data is turn ON or OFF.

✅ iOS Device - Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network. Check if the Mobile Data is turn ON or OFF.

To setup APN
✅ Android Device - Go to Settings > Network & internet or Connection > Access Point Names > New APN & set it as e-ideas

✅ iOS Device - Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network. Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network: e-ideas

To check mobile data usage
✅ Log in to ZYM Mobile app.

Need help?
Contact ZYM cuscare here

Let's try some basic troubleshooting first.

👉 Login to ZYM Mobile App to check if you've used up all data.
👉 Try swapping the SIM card to another phone to see if it still works. If it does, it could be your device issue. Otherwise, it is likely your SIM card has turned faulty.

Visit a Samsung Experience Store for a faulty SIM replacement for Free, or get a new mobile device.

The following basic troubleshooting steps might just do the trick.

👉 Google search to check if your current device supports 5G connectivity.
👉 Go to your Phone setting > Network, enable 5G to start using it.
👉 Some devices disable 5G connectivity if the phone is in power saving mode. So, turn it off right now.
👉 Sometimes, rebooting your mobile devices might just resolve the issue.
👉 The location you are in might be weak in 5G connectivity. Try it on other locations.

Need help?
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Yes sure! There are 2 ways to do so.

👉 Login to ZYM Mobile App to view your mobile usage almost in real-time.
👉 Check your monthly bill invoices sent to your registered email.

(Updated 17 Nov 2023)

There are 4 available plans that allow unused base data is roll over to next 1-month. (Not available for Roam Plus 4G and Roam Pro 5G plans)

✅ Super 5G comes with a 110GB rollable base data + Bonus 20GB local data.
✅ Mega 5G comes with a 80GB rollable base data + Bonus 30GB local data.
✅ Prime 4G comes with a 80GB rollable base data + Bonus 20GB local data.
✅ Lite 4G comes with a 20GB rollable base data

For instance on Feb 2023, you have subscribed to a Prime 4G plan which entitles you a base local data of 80GB plus an additional bonus 20GB per month for a period of 12 months.

By end of Feb 2023, you used 30GB of Data (20GB on bonus local data & 10GB of Base local data), leaving you with an unused 70GB base data. All 70GB base data shall roll over to next month.

This means that in Mar 2023, you will have a total of 170GB of local data (80GB base data + 20GB Bonus data + 70B rollover data).

Do remember at any point of time, only unused base data is rollable to next 1-month.

This is as easy as pie!

👉 Login to ZYM Mobile app with your registered email address.
👉 Go to Addon / Plan to buy a local data addon. (1-time or Monthly recurring)

Before you reach out to ZYM Customer care for assistance, a few basic self-troubleshooting may just do the trick.

👉 Have I tried uninstall and reinstall the latest app version in Appstore / Playstore?
👉 Have I ensure that I've got a valid payment card saved in ZYM mobile app.
👉 Have I tried restarting / rebooting my device?
👉 Am I connected online via data / wifi?

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