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Other addons

Customers can purchase additional Data, Voice, or SMS plans to their current Active ZYM plan at any time.

Go to ZYM mobile app homepage > Go to Plans > Go to Addon Plans

Your add-on will be charged to your account right away. A legitimate credit or debit card is necessary.

There are two different kinds of add-ons: one-time add-ons with a set period of validity and recurring add-ons that occur every month.

These add-on plans fall under several categories, including data, voice, SMS, roaming, IDD, data + voice bundle, etc. To view the complete list of Add-ons, go to ZYM mobile app > Manage > Addon.

Yes! You can buy several Add-ons at once as long as the following requirement is met. But we advised you to only get what you need.

Order confirmation via email shall be sent to your registered email.

When you use 80% and 100% of your add-on, an SMS notification will be sent to your ZYM mobile number. You can quickly monitor your consumption for the data, voice, and SMS add-ons with the ZYM app.

However, only your monthly bill statement will show the actual consumption for roaming and IDD add-on.
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