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What is a promo or referral code for?

When you order a ZYM SIM card on our website, you will be asked to enter a Promo / Referral code.

By using the promo / referral codes, you may unlock bonus sign up reward(s).

Keep your eyes peeled for ZYM Mobile promo codes all over the web!

From 16 Jul - 16 Aug 2024, 5 lucky winners will score a Samsung Galaxy Buds FE, worth $159. Just follow the 3 easy steps in FAQ point 4, and we'll announce the winners a week after the end of campaign.

Don't miss out!

PS: If you are one of the lucky winners, be sure to present your ZYM Mobile number (Must be active) upon redeeming your prize. Prize is not refundable or exchangeable for other items / cash.

You wanna find our most up-to-date hidden promo codes?

You're asking the right question! We partner with tons of awesome influencers and platforms, so listing them all would be a wild goose chase.

But here's a secret tip
✅ ZYM Mobile's Facebook page is a treasure trove of code surprises.

(Updated 16 Jul 2024)

Once you've got a promo / referral code, complete this 3 steps to be eligible for the bonus gift / reward.

✅ Order a simcard with any ZYM Mobile plan at
✅ Enter promo / referral code
✅ Activate the simcard

Bingo! Once you've activated the SIM card, you shall automatically be enrolled for 2 additional chances to win a Samsung Galaxy Buds FE worth $159

(Updated 1 Jun 2024)

You may use a valid promo /referral code to all of our Mobile sim plans shown in in

Feel free to reuse the same promo code for as many order as you wish!

However, under regulation, 1 NRIC / FIN may only possess up to 10 active mobile subscription at one time.

One more thing, make sure you follow all 3 steps in FAQ point 4 to claim your bonus goodies.

Code expired? No problem!

ZYM is constantly replenishing the code vault with exciting new options. Stay in the loop and be ready to pounce on the next awesome deal.

I understand your disappointment!

Unfortunately, completing all 3 steps stated in FAQ Point 4 is a MUST to unlock the gift/reward associated with the promo code.

It's like a treasure hunt where you need all the clues to reach the prize!

It's important to pair each promo code with the correct mobile SIM plan.

Double-check the T&Cs and any instructions from our partners or influencers to avoid errors.

Simple Tip - If the promo code is valid, you'll see the reward / gift appearing in your order. If it doesn't, system will show you that your code is not valid!

A week after end of campaign, the winners shall be notified via the registered email or via SMS / Whatsapp. The winners shall also be published in our FB page

I'm afraid not!

The referral/promo code bonus is only for online SIM card orders that meet all requirements in point 4.

But don't worry, you'll still get our standard sign-up gift (if applicable)!
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