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SIM activation

There is no activation needed. Insert your SIM card, then use right away! Enjoy.

Regrettably, no. For the time being, SIM collection requires your physical presence.

You can start using the ZYM mobile service as soon as you get a ZYM SIM card. However, it typically takes one to two business days to move an existing mobile number from the current Telco to ZYM mobile. In rare cases, it might take longer in unusual situations.

If your current number hasn't yet been formally transferred to us, you can still use the ZYM mobile services with the temporary number that has been given to you with the SIM card provided.

Speak with ZYM CusCare directly if your transfer is taking an unusually long time.


On the day of the transfer, you can occasionally encounter a minor service interruption. If such situations truly do arise, they are usually remedied in less than 4 hours. We'll do everything we can to lessen the inconvenience.

Please contact ZYM CusCare for additional assistance if you run into problems throughout the transfer procedure.

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