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The necessary settings should be updated on your phone automatically when you first insert your ZYM SIM card. You will have to modify your APN settings if you need to complete this manually.

For iPhone users,
👉 Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network
👉 Type in APN: E-ideas
👉 Leave the other fields blank
👉 If you are still unable to use your mobile data, please go to Setting > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network > “Reset Setting”.

For Android,
👉 Go to Settings
👉 Search for 'Access Point Names'
👉 Select Add New APN
👉 Type in Name: ZYM mobile
👉 Type in APN: ZYM mobile
👉 Leave the other fields blank

We advise getting in touch with the sender or app service provider directly if you are unable to receive incoming SMS or OTPs (from banks or organizations, for example).

They might be able to fix the problem themselves or notify any third-party vendors they have to fix it in the interim.