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If you discover a ZYM plan that better suits your needs, switching to it is easy. Just contact ZYM customer care, and they'll guide you through the process of upgrading or changing your existing plan.

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This could happen.

Please take note that if your existing plan is under contract, you shall not be able to swap to another plan until this obligation is completed.

There's a $10.90 (inclusive of GST) admin fee for switching plans if the new plan has the same or lower value than your current one. Upgrading to a higher-value plan is free, though!

The processing time for your plan switch depends on whether you're switching to a new plan or upgrading. To get an accurate timeframe, it's best to contact ZYM customer care. They'll be happy to answer any questions and provide specific details.

We might also ask for additional documents to complete the verification process.

Need help?
Contact ZYM cuscare here
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